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Old 04-15-2012, 01:17 PM
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Default for Sale: 1984 F-250 3/4 ton 6.9l Turbo Northern Colorado - WVO Converted

About to post 'er on Craigslist, thought I'd toss it up here first as I'd rather someone that knows anything about VO takes her off my hands.

Asking 7k - given the upgrades (never thought I'd get my investment back) is a flipping bargain.

1984 F-250 3/4 ton SuperCab 6.9l Turbo Diesel 4x4 with Used Vegetable Oil Conversion
This truck was my baby, used to drive it back and forth from my place in idaho with never a problem. Starts on a dime in the dead of winter, every time - block heater or not. While the truck is converted to run on vegetable oil from it's rear tank (start and stop on diesel) you can choose to turn off the conversion and just run it on diesel if you'd like. Basically all that is left to be done is to repair and repaint the experior cab. This truck will go the whole nine yards for you, ready for another 400k if you do regular oil changes and don't dog it too much. It's not going to set any land speed records, but it'll cruise at 85mph all day. Gets about 16mpg when empty and about 12.5-13mpg when towing.

Unbelievable number of upgrades:

- 4 speed, Borg Warner t-19 standard transmission, with Gear Vendor gear splitter installed. Flywheel was replaced about 10k ago.
- Replacement Engine from Diesel Dealers with about 150k on it.
- ATS Turbo.
- Custom WVO two tank conversion, dual electric fuel pumps and individual filters.
- MBRP 4" turbo back aluminzed exhaust kit.
- A- Column guage cluster EGT, Turbo Boost Guage and coolant temp. Underdash oil pressure and fuel temp gauges.
- 40g custom rear undercarriage fuel tank for waste veggie conversion.
- New injection pump from Pensacola Diesel has about 30k on it.
- New Injectors.
- New Glowpugs with glowplug controller bypass button installed - OEM GPC operational and still in the truck
- 200amp upgraded alternator.
- New radiator.
- New Diehard batteries.
- New battery harness.
- 4.10 gear replaced with 3.85's and limited slip differentials installed on all our axles.
- New Cooper M&S Discovery tires with 40K+ tread left.
- Custom 3 point rear bench seatbelts installed for kid's booster seats.
- New rug, with soundproofing mat installed under it.
- New cab ceiling.
- Replacement seats and center console.
- Recently replaced the bed with a bed from a donor truck, the new bed is undercoated and painted in the original colors: Rangoon Red and Ford White with pin striping.

Can't upload pics, server isn't letting me.
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Old 04-15-2012, 05:18 PM
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Try uploading to photobucket, then including the links here using the image tags. The server won't let your pictures be much bigger than a thumbnail shot, while the remote hosted picture only takes the size of the link to store here.
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