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Old 02-15-2009, 08:31 AM
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Default EGR Cooler Problem

For those of you running Duramax Conversions, my conversion worked great for over 2 years and 40,000+ miles until recently. A while back, I started setting EGR codes which I though was due to running WVO and sticking the turbo vanes and plugging up the EGR. I cleaned the EGR but the codes kept setting. I have recently taken the truck off the road to fix it when it started blowing black smoke on cold start which was new.

It turns out my EGR cooler had been leaking causing many of my problems. The EGR valve this time was full of coolant, the intake is coated with a really sticky black sludge and I have pulled the intake and it looks to be on the valve stems as well. My thought is that the coolant has mixed with the exhaust gas soot and has now caused the valves to hang on cold start until it warms up.

I have looked at the exhaust side and it is as clean as can be. Nothing abnormal for 200,000 miles.

I checked with a guy at work and he claims he has seen EGR coolers leak if the coolant line has been T'd into kind of like what I did to send coolant back to the heaters. They tell me that this somehow over heats the EGR cooler. I think if I was doing this again, I'd add a coolant pump to help pull the coolant to the heat exchangers and tank.

The only thing that still buggs me is that I have always had good heat from the Heater core and fairly quick warm up times for switch over. Maybe it would have been even faster if I had a pump.

So if you are setting EGR codes or Turbo Vane Position sensor codes, pull off the intake tube over the EGR valve and inspect for any coolant and fix it early.
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Old 02-15-2009, 01:51 PM
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Egr block off plate and finger stick.....get rid of that thing unless you are emission tested at the tail pipe or computer (don't worry about a visual one). They are known to carbon up and cause problems anyway.
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