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Old 09-06-2009, 12:02 PM
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Default Home Heat with AgSolutions B150

I am in the process of installing an agSolutions B150 waste oil boiler to heat my house. We have in floor hydronic heating. The boiler also has a domestic coil for our water useage.

I was told I need to filter the oilt to 10 microns. I amin the process of setting up the filtration system. I have looked over the threads in the cleaning forum, but it seems like everyone there is aiming for finer filtration than I need. I have roughly 400 gallons of oil waiting to be filtered. I have collected a fair amount of equipment from my electronic and industrial surplus job... including (4) 55 gallon stainless barrels, a 150 gallon conical bottom nalgene tank, a 250 gallon cube tank, a bunch of valves and other fittings. I also picked up a nice oil rite automatic oiling rig that was brand new. It has a Webster HB series gear pump on board as well as a shell and tube heat exchanger, some check valves and a ful flow valve. In the manual it says the pump produces .5 GPM at 15 PSI, but the Webster site says it can handle higher psi up to 1500 or so. I would like to know if this pump would be suitable to use with a Diesel Craft 55gph centrifuge. I will start settling the oil this week, as I have had to work long and hard to make room in the shop for the tanks and other gear.

I am looking for any advice toward an quick and neat method to filter the oil to 10 microns. I have looked over the upflow method and may try that first. I already bought a cenrifuge from eBay, but I may turn around and sell it if it is overkill for my needs.

I drive a TDI Jetta, and find it hard to justify burning WVO there, as I only drive 10 miles to work and it already gets 45 mpg.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to lay it all out there upfront. Thanks!
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Old 09-08-2009, 08:46 AM
WD8CDH WD8CDH is offline
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I use heated upflow settling for the fuel to my air atomized WVO burner (homebrew). I only filter to less than 30 microns if I might possibly be using the fuel in my vehicles too. The burner has over 4000 hours since the last cleaning.
Ron Schroeder
'85 300D
'83 300D
Some former WVO vehicles since 1980:
'83 240D
'80 Audi 4000
'84 Isuzu P'up
'70 SAAB 99 with Kubota diesel engine
'76 Civic with Kubota diesel engine
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Several generators prior to the vehicles
All with 2 tank WVO conversions
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Old 09-13-2009, 08:14 PM
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I am in the process of getting my KingBuilt setup. I decided to use a centrifuge to clean the oil which is stored in 275 gallon totes. The reason for using the centrifuge is only to get the clean and ready for use a little quicker. The biggest problem is that I really don't know how much I might use. I might revert to a warm upflow as my reserves are in place or some sort of hybrid solution. There is nothing wrong with warm upflow, but the weather might facilitate the need much quicker than the oil can be cleaned. The nice thing is that in most cases it just overkill in the first place. It just doesn't need to be all that clean (In comparison to filtering for vehicles). It could be stored in a large container after some prefiltering and then filtered as it is pumped out into a tank feeding the burner. As you get organized a warm upflow can then be setup to provide for your future needs.

It would be interesting to keep us posted on how things are progressing. First my car was converted and then I purchased the boiler. I have a VW Golf, but I do drive a little more than 10 miles to work. If you ever decided to convert your car, it might just be a good idea to force yourself to take the car a few more roadtrips.

Just a few ideas and good luck.
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