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Old 04-05-2006, 01:19 PM
gary gary is offline
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Default 03 or o6 golf

03 auto or 06 manual w/redesigned injection ...whats a better canidate and what kit thanks gary
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Old 04-05-2006, 06:43 PM
JeffNLisa JeffNLisa is offline
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This thread would probably get more response if you posted in the General Discussion section, as this section is for listing of people's converted vehicles. Still, I'll have a go at your question:

Around 03 VW changed the engine and began using a different pump. Everyone I've seen talk about it calls it a Pump Deuse, and thus that motor is refferred to a PD TDI. I believe that 03 was its first year in a Passat. I do not know if it is in Golf, or what year it starts in Golf.

The PD is more susceptible to damage from strain, and thus it is more important that the WVO be fully up to temp before switching over. Or so it has been said. Enough time has not gone by with people driving PD TDIs on WVO to see long term yet. So if the 03 is not PD, and the 06 is, that might help make a determination.

Also, one of the reasons the 06 should cost more is because it is still likely under factory warranty. But with WVO use, you will also have the issue of whether using WVO fuel will void that warranty. Truthfully this is a case-by-case situation of whether the dealer or the mfg will actually do warranty related repairs. Some will and some won't. Regardless of anything anyone says, you won't really know for sure until you have one come up. On an 03, where the factory warranty is most likely already passed, this is not an issue.

But even the older TDI is still one of the most finicky engines for WVO use. You can kill it very fast by trying to make it run on WVO that is not hot enough.

And for the solution to that issue, in my opiniom Frybrid is the best way to go. Many systems are heated, but none as well as the Frybrid system. Many systems thus rely on the use of "better" WVO because they do not have enough heat.

But even with "better" WVO, if you try to run it thru a TDI too cool, you can have problems. And they won't show up right away, so you might think for a year or two that there aren't any problems. But if you do $2,000 worth of damage in less than 30,000 miles, you won't think that.

Frybrid is not the only system that can provide adequate heat, but it is a very well engineered system, and again in my opinion the best way to do it.


I have not heard of a PD TDI that has a Frybrid system in it, but that doesn't mean anything. There may be or there may not. If not, you mi

I have read just enough about the PD to know that it is even finicky-er than the earlier TDIs about pulling thick fuel.
98 Jetta TDI, Frybrid, Installation thread here. 50,000 miles on VO as of 1/1/08
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Installing VO conversion kits (all makes) in Southern California, e-mail me
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